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Planetary Gear BLDC Motor

Greensky provides more than 80,000 kinds of Brushless DC Motor(BLDC) application data for customers to select or reference, and with high-performance driver or controller, a specific reduction ratio precision gearbox or the corresponding encoder, rapid integration and design of BLDC Motor Solutions that meet or exceed customer needs.

Our BLDC Motors are fully used in the fields of household appliances, automation, medical healthcare, precision instrument and power tools, such as: blender, coffee machine, vacuum cleaner, Robot, etc.

High torque, High power running at low speed, Extremely broad speed ranges, High efficiency, High reliability and good stability, Low noise, Long life
Technical characteristics
Power, torque, ratio, output speed, etc.
2w ~ 1200w
12v ~ 310v
29mm ~ 60mm
Motor Rated Speed
Gearbox Ratio
3.6:1 ~ 3736:1
Customized Service
Application scenarios
Conveyor System, Pellet Boiler System, Packaging Machines, Food Machines, Automated Machinery.
Conveyor System
Pellet Boiler System
Packaging Machines
Food Machines
Automated Machinery
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