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Centrifugal Fan Motor

The structure of the outer rotor centrifugal fan is opposite to the common motor. The rotor rotates outside the stator, and the rotor is fixed with wind blades. The centrifugal air supply method is adopted. Usually it needs to be equipped with a rotating chamber (volute). The rotating chamber is generally made of aluminum, galvanized sheet or plastic.

1. The structure is compact and small, most of them are connected with cables, and can be connected to the power supply at any time; 2. Able to operate with extremely low noise under high pressure conditions; 3. Good heat dissipation; 4. Adapt to running in harsh air medium
Technical characteristics
Power, torque, ratio, output speed, etc.
Fan Type
Backward, Forward, Axial
Motor Type 1
DC Brushless motor or permanent magnet synchronous motor
Motor Type 2
AC single-phase capacitor operation motor
Motor Type 3
AC three-phase asynchronous operation motor
Input Voltage
12VDC/24VDC/48VDC/310VDC; 115VAC/230VAC/380VAC
Ambient Temperature
-25℃ ~ 60℃
Operation Mode
Insulation Class
B/ F
Protection Class
IP42, IP44
Application scenarios
Conveyor System, Pellet Boiler System, Packaging Machines, Food Machines, Automated Machinery.
Conveyor System
Pellet Boiler System
Packaging Machines
Food Machines
Automated Machinery
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