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Shaded Pole Gear Motor

Shaded pole motor is a simple self-starting AC single-phase induction motor, a small squirrel cage motor, and the simplest one among asynchronous motors. The salient feature is that the structure is very simple, the power loss is large, the motor power factor is low, and the starting torque is also very low. Generally used in small-capacity occasions that do not require high motor performance, no-load or light start.

1. Simple structure, convenient manufacturing, low cost; 2. Low noise and no radio interference; 3. Stable performance, reliable operation and long life; 4. Low efficiency and low starting torque.
Technical characteristics
Power, torque, ratio, output speed, etc.
Power Rating(n=1400rpm)
Output Torque
Output Speed
Application scenarios
Conveyor System, Pellet Boiler System, Packaging Machines, Food Machines, Automated Machinery.
Conveyor System
Pellet Boiler System
Packaging Machines
Food Machines
Automated Machinery
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