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WP Worm Gearbox

WP series reducer is a cast iron gearbox. A large transmission ratio can be obtained with a single-stage transmission, the structure is compact. Most models have good self-locking properties and can save braking devices for mechanical equipment with braking requirements.

Technical characteristics
Power, torque, ratio, output speed, etc.
Power Rating(n=1400rpm)
Output Torque
10-60 (single stage), Multistage combination ratio can be-3600
Input Form
Fundamental form (single input or double input), IEC motor flange
Output Form
Output Solid Shaft, Output Hollow Shaft
Application scenarios
Conveyor System, Pellet Boiler System, Packaging Machines, Food Machines, Automated Machinery.
Conveyor System
Pellet Boiler System
Packaging Machines
Food Machines
Automated Machinery
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