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AC Speed Control Gear Motor

It's a unit of the controller and motor. It only needs to connect one time. The speed can be easily adjusted by the potentiometer. The controller is fixed with speed-control loop, capacitor, speed enactment and etc. There is no function of instant stop in the unit.

Speed adjustable; CW and CCW rotation; Guaranteed quality; On-time delivery
Technical characteristics
Power, torque, ratio, output speed, etc.
6w ~ 370w
110v, 220v, 230v, 380v, 440v
50Hz, 60Hz
1ph, 3ph
Motor Rated Speed
1250rpm ~ 1550rpm
Gearbox Ratio
3:1 ~ 300:1
Output Speed
3rpm ~ 500rpm
Application scenarios
Conveyor System, Pellet Boiler System, Packaging Machines, Food Machines, Automated Machinery.
Conveyor System
Pellet Boiler System
Packaging Machines
Food Machines
Automated Machinery
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